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Closingout Your Voiceover Year
by Leesha on December 5th, 2018

As another year draws to a close, many voice actors are busier than ever. Holiday messages, closeout projects, and the like are bringing a great December to many voice talents. If your December is a little slow, examine how your year has been going.  It’s not the time to become disheartened. Make time this month to honestly question your voiceover business practices and determine your best course of action for the coming year.

What Activities Worked

Start your year’s review with the positive.  Celebrate the fact you are still in business (at least I hope so) and what you have learned about voiceovers during the year.  Note the new social media sites you post to, any new materials, or even your new voiceover website.  Count the jobs completed and the wonderful clients you’ve helped during the year.  If an action worked, it’s time to remember your prosperous activity.  

Areas for Improvement

Did you meet your marketing goals on a regular basis? Did you meet your budget?  If you found yourself more times than you care to admit putting off your marking efforts, what held you back?  We all procrastinate from time, but is procrastination keeping you from actively pursuing your business goals? To answers these questions, a good start may be to examine your voiceover business plans.  Be realistic about your commitment to the business.  Be realistic concerning your feelings about cold calling or anything else that you may have delayed for fear of rejection or negative programming that may be keeping you from reaching your goals.  Dr. Bruce Lipton on Inspire discusses how to change undesirable long-term thinking that can defeat success.  

Voice talent have a life too, so look at your health and human relationships.  Without good personal habits and interactions, you cannot support business success for an extended period.  Make time to visit your doctor to see how your body is doing. Likewise, take in a holiday party or volunteer to help the less fortunate.  Giving to others in time and resources are great ways to help refresh your spirit so you can make clear reasoning of your own life.

Time for Cleanup

Some consider the springtime as the best season for clearing out old or unused bits and pieces.  But I feel December is the best time to clean or recycle your unwanted items.  For example, you can use this time to go through your voiceover business hardware and personal things to see what may be donated to charity.  Such items can provide a tax benefit and free up room for new needed things.  

Now that you’ve done your cleaning, what items have you been waiting to purchase?  Almost everything goes on sale in December, so take advantage of the deep discounts and get the items you need to help make your business a success in the following year.

Whether you’re behind the mic voicing for eight hours a day or eight minutes a day, making time in December to honestly review your voiceover business (and life) is your best preparation for a prosperous New Year!

Yea break a lip!

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