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Thankfulness from the Heart - Real Voiceover
by Leesha on November 21st, 2018

This week, we approach the traditional time for the United States’ Thanksgiving Holiday.  You may wonder what Thanksgiving has to do with voiceovers?  Thankfulness is a heart emotion.  A successful, compassionate voice talent with a thankful heart applies the passion to scripts and performances to touch his and her listeners.  Take time this week to consider the importance of being grateful and let the feeling radiate through your voiceover performance.  
Why being thankful is Important 
Today, thankfulness is considered old-fashioned.  We demand our rights, to be seen, and for justice. While we have the right to seek what we feel we need, that constant aggressive assertiveness can drain our spirit. When we take time to be thankful, it allows us to examine our here and now. While no one has a perfect life and there is more than enough real suffering, we all can find at least one thing to give thanks.  This brief appreciation helps to calm our spirit.

What's more, we usually can easily find someone who does not have what we have or any possibility of a better existence.  If we take the time to count what we have, we can always find something to appreciate in our lives.  Perhaps we landed an excellent voice-over job, made a new friend online, or are still among the small pool of working voiceover talent in a very competitive field.  Being thankful helps you see your life in a better light. 
Thanksgiving is Infectious
When you appreciate others, not just your clients, it spreads.  For example, if you say thank you to someone who holds open a door for you, bags your groceries, etc., you usually receive a smile from that person.  With so few expressing appreciations for the smallest gestures of kindness, your recognition is almost unexpected and even more appreciated.  
Likewise, sending voiceover clients’ thank you cards, emailing your voiceover coach a note of appreciation, and letting others in and out of your business circles know of your gratefulness helps others develop a good opinion of you as a person.  Thankful people are usually “nice” people.  People like doing business with nice people.  Sincere niceness is a real fruit of gratitude.
You Get What You Give
Have you ever dined in a restaurant with a group of people and noticed the way customers treat the wait staff?  Most waiters try hard to provide excellent service, but sometimes he or she may be having a difficult time or day that may be evident in their service.  Instead of lashing out at the waiter, look for ways to express kindness and patience.  In most cases, you will receive appreciation from the wait staff for your understanding.  This, in turn, will give you a good feeling, especially if you take the time to notice if the person is doing their best to correct or improve the service.   
One day, you may be having a bad day with a live voiceover audition or in a directed session.  This may also be the day when someone shows you understanding and patience like you’ve demonstrated to another.  While it may not make sense, look for ways to express appreciation and thankfulness.  It will surely come back to you. 
From the Heart, the Mouth Speaks
Your thankful attitude has a way of calming your spirit and relaxing your whole body — thankfulness effects all your joints, mussels, and even your thinking.  Voice acting takes the entire person.  The foundation of a thankful spirit will help you reach your best potential.  The heart does speak through the mouth.  With a grateful heart, your mind can connect with others for a dynamic vocal performance.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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