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Voiceover In Changing Seasons
by Leesha on October 23rd, 2018

As changing temperatures make their way across the North American landscape, many residents are experiencing fluctuating personal lives.  Voice actors can be sensitive to environmental changes as well, mainly since heath and surroundings can affect an actor’s performance.  Make sure you’re anchored in good habits to keep your voiceover business adaptive in all seasons.
During the fall, many voice actors must take extra precautions to maintain good health. A seemingly small cough can lead to a sore throat or even loss of one’s voice. No voice means no voiceover revenue.  Moreover, an unexpected financial challenge can drastically interrupt the flow for a working talent or eat away at efforts to end the current year in the black.  A prudent voice talent must accept the fact that life will have its challenges.  No one is living a problem-free life.  The best way to address inevitable changes are to prepare for them.
Wear a Hat
Sometimes, the most obvious things can slip right by us. I once met a singer/songwriter who believed that a serious artist should always wear a hat when outside temperatures fall below 55 degrees Fahrenheit (or about 12 Celsius).  His thought was that we must cover and protect the entrance ways into the body.  Go ahead and treat yourself to that Fedora, Deerstalker, Gatsby, or Sunbonnet; it’s your first line to defend against the outside elements.
Maintain Your Health
Practicing good health is not a guarantee of staying healthy.  However, good health will help make a recovery from sicknesses a lot faster and better overall.  Practicing habits like getting yearly checkups, staying current with health shots, eating balanced meals, and exercising regularly can help keep you at your best.  My suggestions are not new information, but over the long run, the tips could mean the difference between being ready or not for that long voiceover project requiring your best stamina and health.
Be Voiceover Business Current
Make sure your billing and communication are updated each week.  If you’re unable to communicate with potential and current voice clients for a week or two, you will wish you were up to date before the unexpected happened.  If you remain current in your regular business practices, your voiceover business should be there or not far away when you’re able to return where you left off.
Be Ready for Change
With the seasons of life, some changes are permanent.  Maintain associated voiceover and other skills that can help fill the gap if you cannot perform vocally for some period.  Many good seasoned voice talents become coaches, marketing advisors, or perform business-related services that help fill-in revenue during times when the voice is healing for whatever reason.
Consider swapping services with other talents to keep afloat during challenging times.  As a successful business owner, a little forward thinking and preparation for keeping your voiceover business running during changes times can lead to longevity and keep you in the minds of your current and potential clients. 
The time is always right to plan for your seasons as a voiceover pro.  You’re the best, so break that lip. 

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