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Voiceover Learning Sites-My Picks
by Leesha on June 6th, 2018

To stay on top of the ever-improving voiceover business, you’ve got to keep up with what’s going on.  Doing voiceovers is the best.  But as members of a networking society, reading blogs and reviewing useful Web sites can help keep you on top of trends and changes in the VO industry.  Online voiceover information is freely available to help educate you and increase your understanding of the everchanging voiceover career field.  Interacting with the voiceover community will not only help improve the quality of your vocal delivery but the quality you provide to your clients as well.  Learn from the best through social media and the Web. Below are a few of my favorite sources of information for personal and professional voiceover success.

Nethervoice Blog

Paul Strikwerda is one of my favorite talents and voiceover business persons.  As a wildly successful and grounded voice talent, Paul regularly shares excellent advice on many key topics.  He freely shares from his decades of experience on trends in the VO industry as well as insights personally and professionally.  I recently posted a blog on working from home inspired by Paul.  (See "Voiceovers at Home but Not Alone.")


Your “One-Stop Resource for Voice-Over Success” is a wealth of non-stop information on the voice-over industry.  The site lives up to its name with daily resources, resource centers, help for new talent, regular advice from seasoned pros, polls, hardware and software information, and access to training and troubleshooting your home recording area.  Also, the site has an easily accessible catalog of “how-to” information that is a must for receiving training resources from industry experts and working pros.  

Gravy for the Brain

Gravy for the Brain has online courses, personal interaction events, and more aimed at raising the “standard of the voiceover industry.”  Voiceover industry webinars and other training are also available. The concept, created in September 2013 by successful voice talent/business persons, is to keep voice acting professionals at the highest benchmark worldwide.  The site is regularly updated to keep visitors fresh on what’s happening in voiceovers. 


Social media is here to stay and must be taken seriously as a venue for voiceover business marketing.  Social Media Today posts updates and trends, as well as digital marketing, content marketing, and influencers’ renews in the social media arena.  This distinctive source keeps businesses across all sectors current on social media trends and trend makers now and into the future. 

Facebook Groups

Facebook has a wealth of voiceover related groups.  There are groups to help with acting skills, marketing a business, studio gear, travel rigs, etc.  There are even groups for honest expressions of business up and downs, how to deal with clients, voice and whole-body health, and sharing your favorite vocal booth tips. Some groups are private, but many are open to anyone seriously seeking to learn and interact with like-minded voice over talents. Access to Facebook group permission sites usually require responding to a few questions confirming the earnestness of the requester, but once in, your voiceover career will never be the same. 

My list is by no means exhaustive.  The Internet is growing every minute, so keep searching platforms for legitimate groups on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. The offering of information and skills can be overwhelming, but this short list can lead you to reputable sites and instructors who can provide legitimate information via your fingertips for developing a successful voiceover career from just about anywhere in the world. 

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