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by Leesha on May 16th, 2018

Voiceovers is a great way to express your creative side.  If you take your acting to the next level, voiceovers as a business can be challenging as well as rewarding.  For any company, adding related services can help meet more client needs.  Let your voice acting business be a launch pad for developing a creative suite of services.  

Audio Services

Those new to the business may start with recording and editing the dry voice.  Custom recordings can include being directed in your home studio through Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) or other remote audio monitoring and recording tools. The next logical step is to add music and sound effects to your voice recordings.  Add-on products to your dry voice can help your client and reduce his or her need to find sperate sources to finalize the products.  

Music can be purchased via the web (including licensing etc.) for adding to your project.  Consider Royalty Free Music.  In his blog, What is Royalty Free Music? What does it mean exactly?, Gilles Arbour explains “In a nutshell Royalty Free Music refers to a type of music licensing that allows the purchaser to pay for the music license only once and to use the music for as long as desired.”  You want to make sure that you have the proper license and permission to use music when incorporating into a client’s production or demo.  

Multiple Voice Actors

If you are partnered with other voice actors, you can contract out a portion of your voiceover work to a talent of another sex or talent who has a different sound for client products.  Develop the partnerships and written agreements before you have that large project.  Establish turnaround times and other specifics within your agreements with others to keep your plans on time and on budget.

Additional Services

Consider adding copywriting, editing or other services. If writing is a skill you can offer, consider that as a part of your business’s for-pay service.  Also, add video development to your suite of services.  Review the web-based programs and apps that allow you to develop a video and add your voice to the final product.  Your client can provide the graphics and data, and you can produce a complete product for your voiceover client’s platforms.  If that’s a service you’re not ready to provide, again partner with those with good video skills and develop a process of working together to build your projects.   

Sharing Knowledge

Teaching is an excellent way of giving back and helping others along their way to voiceover and business success.  Consider volunteering or giving a free seminar in your community on getting into voiceovers.  You can develop blogs or papers on voice acting and related skills and post to your website and social media platforms.  Not all your information has to be only about voiceovers. Companies in different genres share the need for sound business practices and keeping abreast of valuable information.  Share what you know to help improve the relationship between you and your current and potential clients.  

Consider writing an eBook of your business knowledge or even a subject you consider yourself an expert.  For example, if you are a cyclist, you may want to write about the basics, equipment maintenance, physical conditioning, accouterments, or other related topics. Let others know that you have interest and knowledge that link back to the excellence of your voiceover services.  You can even voice the audio portion of your eBook and make your final product for sale or a giveaway to those visiting your website.

Keeping Your Clients Up to Date

As you evolve to more and better services, keep your clients in the loop through newsletters and social media postings.  Your clients may have a project on the horizon, and your new company services will help fill the bill.  

Don’t use consumers as your test case.  Make sure your expanded services are tested and tried.  Your clients should receive a seamless final project in the same manner as when you provided voiceover services alone.  

Be Indispensable

The voice acting business can lead to so many creative services.  Possible talents can include storytelling programs, video blogs, audio newsletters, and more.  Take time and research what skills and services you can add to your business.  Network with other voiceover actors, see what other skills they have, and combine the right skills to expand your suite of amenities.  

Lastly, infrequently poll your existing clients and see if they have new service needs.  Your clients may be looking for the know-how you recently added to your enterprise. Look for ways to expand your business to a full suite of creative tools to become your clients’ one stop shop.  

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