The Compassionate Voice
Recharging Your VO Creativity
by Leesha on March 28th, 2018

Life springs from our human soul.  From that soul, we as voiceover talent bring the written word to life. But when we find that compassion has emptied and seeped away from us, our creativity weans.  No matter how talented you are or how long you have been in the voiceover business, creativity is not guaranteed nor is it nurtured by the world surrounding most of us.  Here are some approaches to recharging your creativity. 
It’s not New, but the Change Starts with You
Creativity is in short supply.  The findings in a major study using the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking, led by Dr. Kyung-Hee Kim, Associate Professor of Creativity and Innovation at The College of William and Mary, found that since 1990, while IQ scores have increased, creativity scores have been in a significant decline.
Prior to Dr. Kim’s study, a 1968 government-sponsored study by George Land and Beth Jarman (educators) had similar results.  Some 1,600 children were tested and retested on creativity over a period of years. The study revealed that the children’s creativity decreased over time with the most creativity expressed at age 5 of 98 percent to a decreased creativity at age15 of only 12 percent.  When only adults were tested for creativity, the result was at 2 percent.
The time is now to reclaim your inventiveness. Barnet Bain writes in "Reclaiming Your Creative Self, The key to finding resilience, courage, and wonder in a changing world,” that “The tension we feel—the chronic stress and weariness experienced individually and collectively—comes from attempting to meet life’s challenges with limited resources.” 
Find a Creative Outlet or Inlet

In the infographic, “40 Little Things You Can Do to Break Your Creative Block” by Kate England, creative inspiration can include daydreaming, journaling, and even doodling.  England writes, “Take up doodling as a daily practice. Brilliant ideas often start as a scribble on a cocktail napkin or envelope.”
Take a Recess

Never underestimate the power of play. Let your mind run free while you walk, exercise, or watch a funny movie.  Give your mind a break from your voiceover routine. You can meditate, sing a song, take a voiceover sick day. The point is to find what feeds your creative spirit to rekindle itself, so you feel fresh and able to put a new spin on all your VO projects. 
Touch Base with a Friend

Having friends in voiceovers is not a marketing ploy.  I highly encourage friendships in the industry. Friends can help you think out loud and sort out your feelings. You, in turn, can help another and give advice or listen. Take time to listen and give a friend time to speak and express how he or she feels.  Connecting with others will also allow you to explore empathy and compassion for others, which can fuel the spirit.
There are many more ways to recharge your voice acting creativity, but most center around getting out of your drying creativity well by pouring yourself into life and the world around you outside of your booth.
Don’t be a statistic.  Creativity is how voice talents effectively serve clients, so always strive to be the most creative you can always be. 

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