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Your Voiceover Endgame
by Leesha on March 21st, 2018

My voiceover career has been one of the most exciting times of my life. For talents like me, voice acting is an expression of the innermost creative self. But, no matter how much we love our chosen profession, a day will come when we'll have to move on.  As a voiceover professional, you don’t want to suddenly fall off the radar screen. No matter the state of your career, give consideration and plan your voiceover endgame.
Build a network of succession.  Many seasoned talents become coaches and mentors to novice voiceover talents.  If you are a coach, note your students who have similar vocal styles and temperament, then consider including them in your succession plan. Let your clients know you are connected to other talented voice actors that you have nurtured.  As you get to know a person you have coached and or worked with, you come to know his or her work ethic and what your clients can expect from the talent.  This is a great way of passing along your business to other skilled persons. Even in your end game, credibility is still important.
Publicize your other skills.  Before becoming a full-time voice talent, I worked as a communication manager for a scientific agency.  The essence of my position was to break down complicated subject matters into everyday language for internal and external customers.  Such “translation skills” (as I call writing, designing, project managing, etc.) are skills I acquired aside from voice acting.
Think about what skills you have that may come in handy during your post voiceover period.  Let others know now about your skills in areas such as writing, designing, public speaking, etc. By letting your clients know about your other talents, you’re opening the door for options you may want to pursue after you have passed on the voiceover mantle.
Plan for financial changes.  Start managing your finances and save for your future. If you haven't already, consider an individual retirement account (IRA), Money Market Fund, Certificate of Deposit (CD) or other saving vehicles to prepare for changes to your regular income.  The reality of money is our needs change with time. Your VO endgame should include some sound methods to keep your lights on and a roof over your head.  Benjamin Franklin said, “There are three faithful friends - an old wife (or husband), an old dog, and ready money."
Maintain good health.  It's important that you maintain good vocal and personal health throughout your life (See suggestions in my blog, “Voiceover Success: Your Mouth Matters”). No matter how long you choose to pursue voice acting or other pursuits, you’ll need good health to keep going. Take time to rest and address any changes in your voice or personal health. I recommend getting regular yearly check-ups from head to toe.
To the best of your ability, be ready for whatever "new game" is beyond your voice over career.  The time is now to prepare for your voiceover endgame. 

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