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Voiceover Conferences-Your Right Fit -Repost
by Leesha on February 20th, 2018

(Revised repost from 1/2016)

With a new year comes a new look at one’s long-held hopes, dreams, and goals.  If voice acting or voiceover is a part of your 2018 goals, you may be rummaging the internet for voiceover conferences and training. You’ll have a LOT of choices. But how do you choose the right voiceover conference for you? I offer you this list of tips to help you narrow down the best use of your time and money (if even under development).

Support Your VO Goals

Outline what you need to learn about voiceovers.  While many new talents want to do everything voice related, that is just not realistic.  Focus on what you want to do in voiceovers.  For example, are you interested in audiobooks? What skills do you need (i.e., audio, engineering, or acting)?  Note one to two primary voiceover goals and then develop a sub-list of your specific needs.

Don't forget to consider how the conference will help your career.  Your primary goal should be to connect and build relationships with those who need your services as a voice talent. Prioritize your pursuits to help you develop and sustain a good client base and then to connect with colleagues for support and comradery.
Shop for the Right Fit
Look at each voiceover conference's agenda. See if you like the topics and if they are the subjects relevant to your goals.  Will the discussion areas further your career progress and do they relate to what you want to learn (the specifics in your list)?  Your takeaways should be viewed as part of your roadmap for the coming months or years.
Also, read reviews from earlier conferences and look for endorsements.  Ask your VO colleagues where they have attended.  Look at voiceover social media chatter on upcoming events.
Learn from the Voiceover Superstars

Read each presenter's bio and visit their website. What are their specialties and how long have the speakers been in the voiceover industry? What projects are to speakers' credit?  Note the projects they’ve worked on and if they are inline with the area or areas that you want to work on in the voiceover market.    
Pace your Budget
Is the event near you so you can commute?  If not, how much travel can you afford?  As a voiceover professional, you should budget for one to two conferences per year. Choose wisely. If you do travel, consider sharing the expenses with another VO talent (room, board, drive, etc.).  Some of these costs are a part of doing business, so your voiceover business should pay its expenses.  If your budget is not there yet, you may need to get creative on financing your conference attendance.
Make sure that the conference or conferences you choose enable you to network effectively with the voice acting community  Take advantage of these times as you build relationships and learn from the novice to the seasoned voice-over actors. Make each event a productive voiceover conference experience, and have fun!

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