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Shortcuts to Voiceover Success-Not Really
by Leesha on February 13th, 2018

There are very few real shortcuts to voiceover success.  When I first started attending voiceover conferences, I noticed my appearance was not like most of the well-established talent.  Still, I knew voiceover is a career field that needs many types of voices and attitudes; it’s just a matter of finding the right clients. So, when I asked a colleague how he or she became a successful voice actor, I was a little discouraged by those who told me that it was "Luck."  I thought, "How do I get this Luck to work for me?" Over time, I found that Luck is not the final determiner of success.  For real lasting success as a voice talent, there is no substitute for hard work, persistence, and practice. 

In reading online articles and replies to comments, there seem to be a lot of people that believe voice acting is a quick, profitable path to success. With the advent of home digital audio recording and editing software plus the subsequent smartphone apps, becoming a successful voice talent overnight seems like a no-brainer.  The thinking for many entering the industry is you just need an agent and the voiceover work will come rolling in.  But things are not always as they appear.  Paul Strikwerda, 30+ years, seasoned voice talent, gives his thoughts on the blog, “Entitled Wannabees Need Not Reply.  “Take it from me: if doing voice-overs were that easy, everyone would be famous making a fortune from home because they have such a glorious voice… .”

On the other hand, I see many ads from companies and coaches promising voiceover success if you only buy their product, pay their coaches, or purchase their teachings.  New and or struggling talent become fodder for the constant barrage of “you’re not quite there yet” excuses that lead to more money spent and success eluded.  Like with any another business area, the desire to learn and train for this very particular creative arts field has its share of unscrupulous companies.  It’s discouraging to have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on voiceover equipment and training only to be no closer to your dream.

Is this your Waterloo? At the Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon met his final defeat. Your quest for voiceover success need not end in such a devasting way.  Decide the boundaries on your pursuit of voiceover success.

Decide the lifespan of your voiceover career. How much time and money will you commit to your voiceover success?  In his book, The Dip, Seth Godwin recommends "Quitting the things that don’t work for your carrier can be powerful.  You need to know when enough is enough, so when you’re at the point of distress, you quit for the right reasons.

Let’s go. Let’s say you’ve decided you are destined to be a voice actor.  Note, I did not type “fated.” If voiceover success is your destiny, it’s time to learn to run your business like a business, commit to finding and working with the best coaches you can afford, market like your next meal depends upon it (which it might), and don’t let go until you have reached your level of success.  You will have many down times and good times.  Your life is worth being its best, and you can indeed be a successful voiceover talent.

Break that lip!

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