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VO Client Sleuthing: It's All In The Web Search
by Leesha on January 31st, 2018

There are searchers and there searches.  Searching and finding the right voiceover VO leads on the Web is more of a careful combination of creativity and skill.  When you want to find companies, you must think of possible combinations that can lead you to your goal.  As a voice talent, marketing to the right leads is key to your business success. But first, you must find your preferred VO clients. Careful web sleuthing can target those voiceover prospects needing your specific skills and talents. 

Start your VO client search with the below tips:

Decide on your Preferred Voiceover Clients.  Audio production comes in many forms and it a broad net. Narrow down your search to the type of clients you want to assist in voice production.  Do you have names or companies' URL?  Do you know of a business but don’t have a way of contacting the right office?  Start looking for the URL using the name and city if you have it.  

Brainstorm by Location

Come up with a list of possible words associated with audio, voiceover, and voice acting, etc.  List as many words that you can think of and use the list to start your search for potential clients.  You may also want to search locally, nationally, and internationally.  This type of search will give you a micro view, but you can narrow your findings as you review each search result.

Narrow the Field

Review each of the possible companies in your search results. Make sure you are looking at several pages of your search. Your ideal client may not show up on the first page or two.  Review and see if any of your results are potential voice clients in your niche.  This first search can take time, so you want to narrow your companies to 10, so you can do a more detailed review of each company.

Close Up Review
Using your top 10 list, review the sites to see if you’ve come across a possible match.  Review voice projects produced, recent projects, awards, company members, and the personnel.  I like to know how diverse the company is and the quality of their productions arm.  Determine if they produce their audio in-house and if not, who does their audio production.  You may want to add their partners to your list as potential clients, you never know.

Reach Out

Once you’ve developed your list of 10 excellent potential clients, email or call to see if the company is accepting new talent or other opening questions to begin establishing a relationship.  There are no shortcuts to finding and maintain good voice over clients.  It’s a good practice in the VO business, and the time you are spend searching for the right fit and reaching out to potential new clients (and friends) will garner many rewards in the future.  

Reward and Repeat

You may have to repeat this process a time or two, so carve out a specific time to develop your marketing list.  Take a break and even reward yourself for sticking to it then repeat the process.  Your goal is to find those voiceover clients needing your specific skills and talents. You're looking to provide a service with the best fits for you both. Your efforts are well worth it.

Break a lip! 

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