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Your Strong 2017 Voice-over Finish
by Leesha on August 22nd, 2017

The summer has been a little slow for many in the voiceover business.  Recent changes in the industry have taken many voice talent a back and have caused concern for many small business owners.  You may be wondering about your next step?  With more than half of 2017 in our rear-view mirror, (along with the historical total US Eclipse), it’s time to up your game.  Below are some ideas on how to finish 2017 strong (and in the black).
Review your Position, Now

Are you meeting your financial goals? Are you maintaining your weekly work schedule?  Have you scheduled what you need to keep your business on track to perform like a business and not a hobby?  Honestly look at where you are and what is needed to reach your 2017 VO business goals.
Seek Outside Advice

Reach out to others in the VO business like a different coach or social media manager. Let someone you don’t usually work with give you his or her opinion on your demos, social media presence, and website.  Advice from new sources may point out areas and items you may not have considered before and lead to a some needed action.

Review your Social Media Strategy

Social media is still a critical area for any business.  The VO industry is not an exception.  More and more websites display voice acting jobs from eLearning to gaming.  You want to remain fresh, relevant, and ready.  Make sure your platforms are working for and not against your VO business success.   Gravy for the Brain’s blog on Social Media for Voiceovers lists ideas on improving VO social media presence. 
Evolve and Reset

Changes occur. Don’t let discouragement steal your future success.  Voice-over Xtra blogger and Voiceover talent manager Celia Siegel’s comments on recent VO industry changes can be applied to your business. Reset and prepare to face the rest of 2017 with optimism and to reach your success goals.  It’s your time to make and finish strong.

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