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Motivate Your Life
by Leesha on December 30th, 2016

I like the enthusiasm and excitement generated when I hear the rags to riches stories of motivational speakers. The rousing narratives spark hope and a belief in one’s possible future success. Still, with all the motivational streaming videos, books, podcasts, conventions, audiobooks, and the like, the listener is still left with the real work, and that is to DO the job. Become your motivator while reaching your life goals every day.
Get ready to work...hard. Listening to motivational speakers will not change your behavior. You are responsible for your actions. No one will do your marketing or other voiceover (VO) related work. There’s no magic fairy to pay for your demo, find you scripts, work your business, or improve your life. You must actively choose and take the actions that can lead to reaching all your goals personally and professionally.
Determine who you are right now. Take time to silence the world around you and think about who you are and what you want. You may want to free flow your thoughts into a file on your phone or another device. Remember this is for you, so get it out.
Evaluate your voiceover career. Make a new file and record thoughts in a tone as speaking to your best friend. You should be your best friend. You don’t need another critic (we all have them in life). Be caring and honest with your thoughts. If you don’t like your career, business choice, or something else, that’s fine. Note what you want for your life. Don’t forget to include fun goals too.
Motivate you to maximize your life.  Now is the time to develop your plan. Using your recordings, take the time to review your “truth” and develop a plan to reach your goals. Review who you are now and what changes and practices you will need to reach your goals.  For help in developing voiceover career goals, see "10 Steps to Improve Your Voiceover Career Opportunities" by Gravy for the Brain. The point is to make sure you're working on your goals and not those of your parents, spouse, children, bosses, or anyone else outside of your skin.
Get support and accountability. Support and accountability are the essential points of your new or revised life plan. You can always let yourself off the hook for not working toward your daily goals, but your partner should not. Moreover, look for accountability partners that you can trust and who are undergoing the same process.  Motivational messages can also help fuel your daily actions toward success.
Celebrate the paths to your VO goals. Celebrate the steps, victories, and lessons along the tracks to your goals. If you apply these steps, you will reach many of your realistic goals. Your overall goal is to have a fulfilling life. No matter what you achieve in life when it's over, it’s over. Use each day to seek your goals; be thankful for and celebrate your progress. 
Reaching for your goals every day may or may not lead to great riches, but you will be at peace with yourself as you live your best life.



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