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Don't Beware January and June, Renew!
by Leesha on June 30th, 2016

In the voiceover world, they say, "Beware January and June." So, if your June is not what your other colleagues may be experiencing business wise, you need to come up with ways to regroup. Regrouping should lead to more jobs, better auditions, and more revenue doing what you love. Unconventional ways of regrouping can lead to better creativity and a renewed focus for business success.
Regrouping does not have to be boring. The more exceptional your activities the better. Consider taking up painting or even finger painting. Try a new hobby. Look up an old friend or make a new one. Volunteer at a summer camp. Visit a church on Sunday instead of sleeping in. Change your hairstyle or change the color. Make something out of papier-mâché. Go to the circus. Make a rule for one day to smile and speak first to everyone you meet.  Don’t stop there. 
Take a day trip. Eat breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast. Start your Christmas (what you want) list. Let your kids cook for you one day or break your diet for a meal. Watch family cartoons. Watch good comedies for one weekend and laugh like you mean it. Play in the rain. Think of five things you are thankful for in your life. 
When it comes to renewing, think out of the box. Voiceovers should not be arduous, although sometimes it can feel like that way. Change your thinking and regroup your world. 

Need more? Trent Hamm’s The Frugal Introvert: Fifty Ways to Have Fun By Yourself on the Cheap, gives ideas for having fun solo.

Now go out there and be like other folks for a while. Come out of your vocal booth and take a little break in June for a mini-renew time. It will refresh your spirit more than you can imagine.
Have fun! 

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