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Seating Your Voiceover
by Leesha on April 7th, 2016

Reading a voiceover script is not just what comes from your mouth. Our entire body supports how sounds come from our vocal area. Seating in your booth affects the sound and feeling of your voiceover.
You may wonder why I’m addressing seating in the voiceover area. Well, you may have noticed by now that the way you sit can affect your voice. For example, if you sit on a stool with your feet and toes on the floor and with no back support, you cannot help feeling a little tension and alertness. Your body is focused on supporting your upper torso. Therefore, you cannot help but to voice in a more commanding, serious, and attentive voice. 
When you sit in a comfortable, relaxed chair with support for your arms and back, you physically respond by relaxing, slowing your pace, and voicing in a warm and more comforting tone.
Your seat is important because if you are voicing a warm heart felt story, you need to sit in a comfortable chair to subconsciously communicate warmth and comfort through your voice delivery.
If you are voicing something that is important, commands attention, or is a call to immediate action, sitting on a stool or in an upright position will help communicate your message in a subconscious manner.
Try changing your seats from a stool to a chair. Change your position on your seats. Record and listen to your voice. You will surly notice that your voiceover delivery automatically changes and is modified just by your seating choice.
Seating your voice can help or hinder your vocal delivery. Making the right choice could cut your vocal work in half. 

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