The Compassionate Voice
Competitors or Colleagues (Knowing the difference is critical)
by Leesha on January 20th, 2016

​You’re up for another voice job that’s just right; you already have a passion for the subject. You know others who are auditioning for the same job and you’re nervous. What if you don’t get the job?  Have you lost to a competitor? Or, have you lost to a colleague?  As a successful voice talent, learn how to turn your voice over competitors into voice business colleagues.   
It’s about the “Right voice” (not you)  
Believe it or not, most managers looking for a voiceover talent usually have a voice in mind for a project.  Your voice may or may not be the voice in his or her head.  We usually have no idea of what or who that voice is.  Your voice is your personal style, so don’t get hung up on not having the “perfect voice” or not getting a particular job.  It could just be that your voice is not the “voice” in someone’s head.
Know your Real Competitor
Your real competitor is quality and service. A successful professional voice actor knows that having a “great voice” is not all that.  What is important as a voiceover professional is good delivery, connection with the script and good business service.  You’ve got to give your customers first-class service at all times.  This is not an option.  Producers usually continue to choose and use voiceover talents who get the job done and are easy to work with on jobs. If you don’t practice the basics of good customer service including improving your skills as a talent, you’re only defeating yourself.
Embrace your Colleagues (figuratively speaking)   
Voiceover talents are a wealth of knowledge and support.  We all have to start from some point, and you can always learn or teach someone along the way.  If you lose a job to a fellow talent, be happy for them, and keep building your business.  You need friends in this business, so look to your voiceover community for recommendations on the talent and service you need.  

Most voice actors that I know are unique, artistic, and sensitive folks.  Voice actors usually want to please their customers and provide the best services.  This spirits of giving and serving are rare and special in today’s society.  Embrace your voice over competitors and make them your voice business’ best colleagues.

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