The Compassionate Voice
Escaping Your "Who-are-you Ville"
by Leesha on January 12th, 2016

“I’m here!” One, two, ten, ten-thousand-how many voices does it take to hear one?  How can you be the voice that stands out in the voiceover market place?  Well, it takes work. If you have ever seen the movie (from the book) “Horton Hears a Who”, there is a scene where all the citizens of Whoville are screaming to the top of their lungs “We are Here.” but they can’t get their message through. Their voice was critical and had to be heard to prove they existed and to save their very lives!  Building a voice over business can feel like being one of citizens of Dr. Seuss’ Whoville community with almost no way of being heard (individually). Well, your voice is important and you can have a place in the voiceover world.  Try a few of these to get your VO heard and get a response to your “I’m a voice talent and I’m here!”
  • Become Loud by Association 

    Are you a part of a group, church or, organization?  What are you doing as a part of that association? Do you volunteer for outreach?  Make an effort to meet people with and outside of your group and let them know that you are a voice over professional. Develop a public service announcement for your group or even develop artwork or an article for your group. Just make sure your name is on the product along with your organization.

  • Share Social Media Deliberately

    What's hot with you and your associates?  Share a popular social media post or blog.  I've share on Twitter items from NASA on launches to breaking news from Reuters.  Share and positively comment on items from voice over talent or groups.  The point is to be heard by association with voice talent and others.

  • Speak Publicly 

    If you're a voice talent, you're or can become a public speaker.  Does your local high school need a speaker? What about your civil organization?  Is there a topic that you are passionate about?  Look for a forum and make sure you let them know that you are also a voiceover talent.  

  • Teach a Class (something fun)  
    Are you an expert on something or things other than voiceovers?  Look into volunteering at community colleges and local clubs to teach what you know.  Develop a good lesson plan and teach a short course.  (If' you're going to teach something physical, remember to get those signed releases before you start teaching your class.) What about teaching "Why Not to go into Voiceovers."  Different, yea, but folks will take notice of the title.   

Now, go and get heard!  You're here!   

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