The Compassionate Voice
Relationship Yourself Into Your Next Voice Job
by Leesha on April 23rd, 2013

Let’s face it, we are all human.  As humans, we are basically relational beings.  So as a voiceover talent, your job is not to become a loner as you fight your way through the voiceover market forest.  In today’s market, successful voice actors learn and cultivate the art of relationships - even online.

Many of us perform voice acting from a home studio.  This solo working atmosphere may lead to disconnecting with others on personal and professional levels.  While it may be profitable for a while, without human connections, you and your business may suffer.  Take care not to loose your edge.  Instead seek to develop virtual relationships in the business and voiceover community.  Here are a few tips to building on-line relationships for a successful voiceover business:

Remember Clients' Special Dates.  Contact your new or potential clients on the holidays, but also on the owner’s birthday, business anniversary date, and their other special dates. These remembrances provide an opportunity to connect personally and professionally.

Comment on Associates’ and Colleagues’ Blogs.   A positive, genuine reply of agreement or encouragement can be seen by the writer as well as their followers and readers.  Remember when making your comments, make them brief, genuine, and always positive.  

Build your Network of Colleagues through Give and Take.  Many new voice talent seek  mentoring by more experienced or famous talents.  However, it is not advisable to ask a stranger to become your voiceover mentor.  Build friendships and look for ways to add to the voice actor’s life or business.  For example, look for ways to give and be of assistance to others.  In time, you should receive a return on what you have given.  The return may or may not be within the same relationship, so don’t get discouraged.  The approach works, so keep at it while you look for the right fit.

Connect from the Heart Over Time.  People like people who connect, listen, and show concern for others.  You want your associates and clients to see you as more than another voice talent trying to nab a job; you want to become the right person for many jobs and business relationships.  As others get to know you and your style, they may recommend you as a talent, think of you for specific projects, or at least keep in contact until the relationship pays off for the both of you.   

Go ahead, show some compassion and make a (virtual) friend.  It will payoff! 

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Xavier Paul - May 26th, 2013 at 11:19 AM
Wonderful article with practical advice. I thought I'd take some of your great advice. So what has been your recent activity? There is an Audio Book Publishers Convention here in NYC next week on the 29th.
Leesha - May 27th, 2013 at 2:35 PM
Hi Paul: I been working on new demos for narrations and audio books (perfect timing). I been doing some jobs too. Thanks for the note.
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