The Compassionate Voice
Factory Produced, One Dollar for Holler, and it Goes On
by Leesha on April 6th, 2013

There is much talk these days about whether automation will replace the professional voice artist.  The buzz is also circling about voice talent offering products for $10 or less.  While these items may seem like great voice “buys,” I would advise the buyer to beware!  Voice acting is a talent skill as specialized as developing a masterpiece on canvas; each project should be a treated as a classic.  

The voice artist who takes time to learn all aspects of his craft lays the foundation as a master voice artisan.  Such an individual understands the importance of discovering the essence of each voice clients’ project and making each script come to life.  Time learning delivery, tone, elocution, are like learning how to properly care and feed a new born.  No matter if the project is a voice mail system or a narrated feather film, a masterful voice actor treats each client’s project for lack of a better word,  like a “Baby.”  

How much would you spend on your baby?  If you only paid a caregiver a dollar to watch your baby, what kind of service would you expect?    I know times are challenging, but many talent are willing to with clients to develop a masterful projects.  Yes, it may cost more that $10 dollars, but, in the long run, the rewards have a better change of being greater and with better quality and service.   Remember, the baby is worth a lot more than a dollar or “a dolla.”

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